About Me

Hello my dear Readers!


It’s been a while and so much has transpired, but I won’t bore you with the details.

Even though you haven’t seen a new Nellie Bly book, have no fear I’m plotting one and she’s going to be coming in a different package. Like Nellie who wanted to stay undercover, she many times wouldn’t let Pulitzer know what she was up to—who she was going to impersonate and investigate, she didn’t want to ruin anything.  As the saying goes—loose lips, sink ships.  I also believe she loved the adventure of it all!  So, my dear readers, think of yourself as Mr. Pulitzer, the boss left in the dark, and me as Nellie, secretly plotting a new adventure.  

While you try to figure out what Nellie’s next adventure is, I have another surprise for you. 

I’ve ventured into a somewhat new territory. 

Quick History—since I was nine years old, I have been writing in journals. They literally have been a lifesaver for me. Whenever I felt lost or hurt, happy or unhappy, basically anything that happened to me, I wrote it down in my journal. By writing down all my feelings, thoughts, ideas, goals, desires, I not only felt better, but things became clearer more focused…fell into place. 

My journals were—well, they still are because I still write in journals—my best friend. And you know what else they are too me? My Own Secret World—a place where I can explore, express, and be whomever I want to be or become. 

Realizing how important journals have been to me, I decided to design journals to hopefully encourage you to write about your thoughts, feelings, recording important things in your life—anything you want to write down. They can become Your Own Secret World or whatever you want it to be. Just knowing that having a place to express your thoughts, I believe, makes life understandable, doable, bearable…and fun!

That’s what I’ve been doing these last few years—designing, creating and developing a set of journals and they are now ready to come out into the world!   

So, my incredibly beautiful Readers, I want to Thank You for your patience, all your support, kind words, encouragement, and taking a chance with me and Nellie…it is appreciated more than you can imagine!     

As Nellie so adequately put at the end of her book Around The World In 72 Days:

     “To so many people this wide world over am I indebted for their kindnesses that I

cannot thank them all individually.  They form a chain around the earth.  To each and 

all of you, men, women and children, in my land and in the lands I visited, I am most 

truly grateful.  Every kind act and thought, if but an unuttered wish, a cheer, a tiny 

flower, is imbedded in my memory as one of the pleasant things of my novel tour.”

   Thank you from Nellie and me